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For individuals and companies that do not have any administrative system and its customers need to issue electronic invoices, we offer an excellent solution, which will let you quickly generate and friendly invoices on the latest specifications fixed at Annex 20 of Miscellany Tax Rules.

With our solution you can generate electronic invoices from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Features of Our Solution NT Link Billing:

Características de Nuestra Solución NT Link Facturación :
• Issue and stamped of digital invoice (CFDI).
• Sending at the SAT.
• Cancellation of Digital Invoicing CFDI.
• Billing queries and reports.
• Company logo and barcode (QR) in PDF.
• Sending Mail.
• Registration Payments.
• Customer Catalog.
• Single-user (Windows)
• Multi-User (Windows)
• Storage for 5 years





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